Affronter's Airsoft Pages

As an airsofter and a geardo, I've tried many pieces of equipment. Having done so, it seems only sensible to share my results with the community. What community? The Michigan Airsoft community, of course, where I go by the handle Zorak.

All documents posted here are copyrighted by me. Reproduction, including cutting and pasting them on airsoft forums, is prohibited unless explicitly authorized by me.

My radios in airsoft page can help you understand what to look for in a radio, and how best to use radios in airsoft play. I have reluctantly included a recommendation for a specific model of radio, but really, you should shop around a bit and then decide what to buy.

I have used a few different types of slings to carry my airsoft guns, and talked to people who have used many more, both in airsoft and in the real world. I wrote a page about slings to try to distill this knowledge for other players.

I think that it's somewhat bad for the sport of airsoft that every event, in Michigan and out, seems to have its own rules for how much ammunition you can carry. I wrote some suggested standard rules that would have allowed event holders to simply say strict, loose, or no mag limits. Sadly, most of MIA thought the idea daft. Maybe I'm just ahead of my time.

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